Final Crisis Revisited: Final Crisis 5

For a series whose biggest flaw is that it’s often too compressed and cryptic, Final Crisis 5 is strangely light on story. I wonder if the series would have met greater success and appreciation if the pacing were better and more plot had made it into this issue, but we all know that pacing isn’t Morrison’s main interest.

Instead, we get an issue full of fight scenes and badass moments. Well, that’s something at least, although most of the fight scenes include the least interesting characters. The subplot with the Green Lanterns, for instance, has been going on since the first issue and hasn’t been interesting since then. It does get us this awesome panel, though:

Black Adam faces off against Mary Marvel:

Even Mr. Miracle and the Super Young Team get a cool moment:

My favorite scene, though, is Darkseid’s ascent; in the closing pages of the issue, Darkseid, having finally taken over Danny Turpin’s body, now prepares to end all resistance against him.

This is what anti-life has done: the “self = Darkseid” part of the equation is quite literal. Anti-life is transformative. It doesn’t just ruin the imagination and end all stories, it makes the self into a vessel for Darkseid.

I’m left with one question, though, about a major plot point. Darkseid’s cronies put Nix Uotan, a guy in a wheel chair with a Rubik’s Cube, and a mysterious hooded fellow with hairy hands together in a cell. We suspect from the start that the guy in the wheel chair is an avatar of Metron. This seems to be confirmed when the strange, hooded guy tells Nix that the theoretical minimum number of moves to solve a Rubik’s Cube is eighteen – and the guy in wheel chair does it in seventeen (as the cube pings like a Mother-Box!)

The hooded one also shows Nix some sketches he drew, including one of Weeja Dell. Remembering her and saying her name cures Nix of his amnesia and restores his connection to the monitors and their stories. But who is this hooded guy, and why are his hands so hairy??!!

My favorite theory is that this is the type-writing ape from Animal Man. But that ape is long dead!

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