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I didn’t hear about this until recently, but Stan Lee was commissioned by the NHL to create 30 heroes, one per team. They’re called the Guardians. Consider this gem:

He’s a Union soldier, I guess? And he has an “armada” of 1857 Napoleonic Cannons strapped all over his body? Holy shit.

See here for the official site with a full listing of the Guardians and their zany adventures. Aric McFall in a post titled “Stan Lee Will Kill Hockey” comments on how ridiculous this whole idea is; Chris Simms looks at the ten most insane Guardians. Yes, the Blue Jacket makes the list. I wonder how long before he gets a crossover with Wolverine and turns out to have been a product of the Weapon X project.

Richard De Angelis takes a fascinating look at how superhero comics from the late 60’s to today look back and reimagine the golden  and “atomic” ages. They tend to be cynical and extremely critical of their preceding age, and particularly interesting is a retcon in the 70’s to turn the ultra-right wing, racist, communist fighting Captain America of the 50’s into an impostor. A highly recommended read.

In an amusing entry of Comic Book Legends Revealed, Brian Cronin looks at the legend that an issue of Sgt. Fury and His Howling Commandos was set during the action of and with the characters of the film Casablanca. It’s true; weird stuff.

Finally, comic artist Dennis Culver has a sketch journal where lately he’s been taking less-used characters and drawing them as if they had joined Batman, Inc., and become Batmen. Sometimes, he even gives a little blurb about what city the Batman would protect. My favorite: “Bat Barda.” The blurb: “Goes wherever she wants.” I also really like this slightly older sketch, though:

That’s Dex-Starr, and I didn’t know he was a real character until today. He’s a Red Lantern, I guess, and I like that even a Red Lantern Space Cat eats too much and vomits sometimes (my cat does it all the time, only she doesn’t spit up acidic blood).

From Final Crisis: Rage of the Red Lanterns 1

I have a feeling we’ll be seeing Dex-Starr some time again soon in the pages of this blog.

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