Panel of the Week 2

My main interest in this blog  is suprehero comics, of course, but this panel from Adam Hines’ Duncan the Wonder Dog was too striking to not mention here. The Barbary monkey on the left is Pompeii, a crazy animal rights terrorist. She and her crew recently bombed a university in California, and they spend most of the book on the run from the FBI. Earlier, Pompeii muses, “I need a time machine. . .Go back to Olduvai – flood it when there’s still a chance.” Here, she falls into some kind of hallucinogenic fugue and imagines an owl with a time machine appearing to her in a convenience store. Duncan the Wonder Dog is a fabulous book that’s full of such strangeness, but its first printing sold out and it can’t be found in stores. While we’re waiting on the second printing, Adam Hine has kindly put the whole comic up on the web. Check it out – it’s one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.

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