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Olly Moss comes up with a Wolverine/Batmen hybrid on a way to a meeting with Marvel executives; he does not show it to them.

Chris Sims reviews David E. Kelley’s script for the pilot of the Wonder Woman television show. A pilot is a poor indicator of how a show will turn out, and the script of a yet-to-be produced pilot is an even worse indicator. But it sounds craaaaaaazy.

John Lewis, congressman and civil rights activist, will be the first sitting member of congress to write a graphic novel; details are sketchy, but it will apparently be based on his activism during the 60’s.

Karen Healey and Terry Johnson calculate the BMI of twenty-five male and twenty-five female superheroes. As it turns out, heroes of each gender are not portrayed with equally ridiculous body types; the BMI of the males’ proves more varied and more healthy than that of the females, showing that their bodies are even more absurd than their colleagues’. While the paper was written years ago, I only encountered it this week.

Ryan K. Lindsay comments on Marvel’s new policy of killing a main character every quarter to raise sales; while this causes a brief spike in readership, the increase is not sustained. He discusses other factors that improve sales and suggests an alternative.

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