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"Some say Batman died and came back as a kind of god": More Batman, Inc.

While Superman was recently courting controversy by relinquishing his American citizenship, Batman went international too. He never really represented America in the manner Superman did to begin with.

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Do as thou wilt shall be the whole of the law: The Kingdom

I hated The Kingdom when I first bought and read the trade all those years ago. It’s really not a bad comic; it’s just very¬†different from its predecessor, Kingdom Come. Kingdom Come was, along with Marvels, Supreme, and a few … Continue reading

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Batman, Inc.

With Animal Man and more recently with Kyle Rayner, we’ve seen superheroes who find themselves disillusioned with superheroism. Both bought into the myth that a single good man with extraordinary powers could save the world; they are such true believers … Continue reading

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Final Crisis Revisited: Final Crisis 4

Finally, the pieces start falling into place. This issue starts the fruition of all the plot threads: Darkseid has released the anti-life equation; the greatest of the heroes, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman, have been taken out of play.

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