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Panels of the Week 9

One of the most memorable episodes in Seaguy volume 2 is his short stint as El Macho, the greatest bull dresser in the world. I think about Seaguy often and don’t need much of a reason to make a post … Continue reading

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"Some say Batman died and came back as a kind of god": More Batman, Inc.

While Superman was recently courting controversy by relinquishing his American citizenship, Batman went international too. He never really represented America in the manner Superman did to begin with.

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"When You Live in a World with the Joker": Gotham Central

Greg Rucka and Ed Brubaker know how to tell a good story, but Gotham Central’s real genius is in its premise: it’s a police procedural set in Gotham City. It follows the detectives of the Gotham police department’s major crimes … Continue reading

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"Two Guys in a Lunatic Asylum": The Killing Joke

Some people love Alan Moore and Brian Bolland’s┬áBatman: The Killing Joke. Hilary Goldstein says it’s one of Alan Moore’s best works. Some people hate it. Kurt Busiek calls it “a bad story from an excellent writer,” and Alan Moore himself … Continue reading

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Degrading Their Corpses: Marshal Law and Its Successors

Much of my discussion of Grant Morrison’s work has been about how he reacts to Watchman and Moore’s take on superheroism. Watchmen is superheroism as tragedy, and its grim, sorrowful understanding of superheroes has become a mainstay of superhero comics. … Continue reading

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Batman, Inc.

With Animal Man and more recently with Kyle Rayner, we’ve seen superheroes who find themselves disillusioned with superheroism. Both bought into the myth that a single good man with extraordinary powers could save the world; they are such true believers … Continue reading

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